The Rack wood storage system is an aesthetic, smart and modern helper in storing wood for your wood burning stove or fireplace. The wall mounted Rack system makes storage of your logs convenient, clean and accessible. Placing a number of Racks near your fireplace creates a unique ambience to that space.

The Rack has many uses aside from wood storage. It looks also nice as wine storage unit in your living room.

The wall mounted wood storage unit clears floor space and puts an end to the unpleasant mess associated with log storage.

Rack is part of a family of products made from hand-picked materials and manufactured by skilled craftsmen. They are made of formed birch wood. The wooden Rack holds 45 liter, Stahl X 75l and Stahl XL up to 110 liter.

Dimension: Rack M ca. 46 x 30 cm, Rack L ca. 58 x 30 cm
_Rack XL ca. 70 x 30 cm
Material: Wood or Steel
Colour: Birch natural, Oak natural, Cherry brown tinted_Ebony black tinted, Stainless steel, Corten steel
_Steel, Black
Designer: Baest & Anke Bernotat