Hochstapler is a universal storage system that is available in different models and sizes. Thanks to an optional chair cushion that can be ordered in many colours it can also become a seating. Those who prefer a tidy-looking room use Hochstapler with a top cover assuring that toys for the large or small are stored safely. Hochstapler provides a quick, smart and convenient means of packing and stacking away belongings for long or short term storage. Children can not only store their treasures but use Hochstapler itself as a toy due to its simple and flexible shape. At the end of the day, Hochstapler is easily packed up and pushed out of sight, taking care of the little things that clutter modern living.

Hochstapler is part of a product range which is manufactured by experienced craftsmen from high-quality wood.

Dimension: Hochstapler S ca. 46cm x 22,5 cm
_Hochstapler M ca. 46cm x 30 cm
_Hochstapler L ca. 46cm x 45 cm
Material: Wood
Colour:Birch natural
_Ebony black tinted
_Lid available in different colours

Designer: Anke Bernotat & Jan Jacob Borstlap