Bloom makes the garden more attractive and colourful and is a fresh and educational way of teaching your children about gardening. Bloom follows your plants from tiny seedlings in the kitchen window out into the garden for replanting and then harvesting. Bloom protects your seeds because of its impermeability, as weeds do not receive light and do not grow. With Bloom your plants can grow stronger.

Following the different coloured Blooms, small gardeners will quickly learn to differentiate between the different vegetables by observing their growth from seedling to plant. Bloom spreads colour in your home and garden.

Light, durable and reusable, Bloom is easily stored away from one season to the next.

Bloom - durable, functional and attractive, it adds a new dimension to gardening.

Dimension: ca. 9 x 0,5 cm
Material: Felt

Designer: Baest & Anke Bernotat